October Club Hunt

October Club Hunt

Okay everyone....

As I mentioned, the October club hunt location has been changed.  We had planned to set up at Quarry Park in Granite Shoals but Tom Ashworth and David Montgomery got us in on a wonderful old homestead site on the Llano River but this is rather time sensitive.  The date of our October Club Hunt is this coming Saturday, October 21st.  This is this actual residence of the property owner who works for a living and he wants to sleep in so the start time of the club hunt will be at 10:00 a.m.   The location of the club hunt is 3340 County Road 104, Llano, TX.  Folks, understand that this is a very rural area so your navigation will not put you directly at the gate so here are directions I have put together for you.

Come to Llano from wherever you live.  At the intersection of Hwy 71 (Bessemer Street) and Hwy 29, go on Hwy 29 toward Mason.  Continue on Hwy 29 for approximately 14 miles until you come to County Road 103 and turn left onto County Road 103.  Continue South on County Road 103, past Schneider Loop, until you come to the intersection of County Road 104 where you will then turn left onto County Road 104.  Continue on County Road 104 about a mile until you see an open gate on your right.  Turn right and go through the open gate and drive on the dirt road until you come to a closed gate.  You will be passing some mobile homes on the left which are where the ranch hands live and we do not want to disturb them, just keep going until you come to the gate.  Once you get to the closed gate stop, open the gate, come through, stop and close the gate.  This is an active cattle ranch so we can not be responsible for the property owner's cattle getting out through that gate.  Once you get the gate closed, follow the dirt road to the old house that is surrounded by other structures.  Park around the house.  I will attach a map of the property where we will be focusing our hunt.  The area where we will be hunting is surrounded by the yellow line.  And yes, the southern border of the property is the Llano River.  If you are having trouble finding the property, give me a call at 936-334-7902.  If you cannot read the attached map, send me an email and I will send you a full-size version of the map.  Notice the map has message boxes.  Place your cursor on the box and you will see my notes.

Folks, this is a very old and historic homestead.  Tom tells me County Road 104 was the first road in our area that ran along the Llano River.  This very house was built in the 1830s and was acquired by the ancestors of the current owner in the 1850s and has been their actual residence from generation to generation to today.  Within the area designated in yellow we have total access, however, please treat the land with respect.  Any item, relic or artifact or treasure that you dig up you can keep save and except if you find great grandma's lost diamond broach or ring, please let the property owner decide if he wants it or not.  Yes, if you find an 1835 gold or silver coin it is yours to keep.  The property owner will be using my Nox 800 and will be out there hunting with us.  Remember our rule of conduct: trash or treasure, if you dig it you take it.  We want to leave the land cleaner than we found it.  Who knows, you might find an old farm or ranch artifact that you have no interest in yet the property owner might want to take it off your hands.

More to come.

Gary Bunyard, President (for now)

Nathan Kinsey property on CR 104

09 30 2023 Club Hunt by Gary Bunyard

09 30 2023 Club Hunt by Gary Bunyard

Hey Gang.  Sorry for the delay in this report on the latest club hunt.  We had 13 members attending which is great.  I think we all had a good time.  We had plenty of space to hunt due to the low level of the lake.  I really can not brag much on my finds other than to say that I did my part in removing trash from the lakebed.  I did recover 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 13 pennies, a length of aluminum wire, several fishing lures and weights (most are not in this photo),  a golf ball (surface find), and several cans.  I know that Dan Lynch recovered a Harley Davidson ring.  Hopefully we can get anyone who came to the hunt to bring any of the items that might be of interest to the club meeting on Saturday for the Show and Tell time.  I know that Tom Ashworth has some interesting items to show us.  Don't forget that Earl Theiss will be giving us a talk on digging history with a metal detector.  Finally, if you think of a location that might be good for a club hunt let us know about it at the meeting.  I met a couple at an event who said they have property in Sunrise Beach that we could hunt on.  I did some research on their place and it is just over 10 acres that used to be part of a farm.  However, when we talked further, they said that their weekends were so full that it would be late winter or early spring before they could let us come out.  Bummer - for now.

October Club Hunt

Club Hunt Reminder

Hey all.  Just wanted to remind everyone that we have a club hunt this Saturday, September 30th, starting at 8:00 a.m. at the Llano County Park which is located next to Black Rock Park, 3400 Hwy 261, Buchanan Dam.  The entrance to the Llano County Park is just past Black Rock.  Look for the sign saying Public Boat Ramp on the right about a block past the Black Rock entrance.  The weather should be dry and mild during the morning although the temperature will be rising close to noon.  There is a large area available to hunt since the lake level is down to the point that the boat ramp is closed.  Some folks with smaller jon boats will drive to the water's edge in the area where we will be hunting to launch their jon boats.  If this occurs just let those folks have the space.  Most of those folks will launch and then drive back to the parking area.  Last year I recovered a fair amount of jewelry from this location as it was the swimming area before the lake dropped so low.  Still there is so much area that it will not be hunted out.  Come see what you can recover.

09-17-2023 Club Hunt in Port Aransas Texas

09-17-2023 Club Hunt in Port Aransas Texas

The club had a hunt in Port Aransas, Texas.  There were 8 members present.  Earl & Peggy Theiss, Robert & Karen Kamenzind, Bradley and Mary Palmer, and Tom & Debra Ashworth were the members that were at the hunt.


Everyone had to stop at a store in Port Aransas to get a pass to park on the beach. Where to buy a beach parking permit: Port Aransas Welcome Center, Family Center IGA, Port Aransas City Hall, Port A Local Co, Ace Hardware, Islander, and participating convenience stores.  $12 for the year.  Debra and I got our pass at a Stripes on the way to the beach.

14k Gold Ring and Sterling Silver RingI was the first one at the beach and sent GPS map coordinates to everyone so they could join the fun.  I got to the beach at 10 a.m. and hunted until 3 p.m.  In the first hour found several coins and a .925 Sterling Silver ring.   After that I hunted and people started arriving so we all sat and talked for a bit.  Bradley offered to be a cameraman for my YouTube Video, so I started hunting.  While he was filming I found another ring.  This time it was a 14k ring with 5 diamonds on it.

Around 4 pm Debra and I checked into the Airbnb we stayed at.

At 7 p.m. on Friday Debra and I we meet with everyone at:

MacDaddy's Family Kitchen
118 Beach Street
Port Aransas, TX 78373
(361) 749-2271

We all were disappointed in the food, the price, and the service at this place.  It was way overpriced for what we got in food and the service was really bad.  They automatically charged an 18% gratuity which was not appreciated


Toms 1942P Silver Nickel

We started the early morning hunt around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday until around 11 a.m.   It got really hot and we all stopped at 11 am.   Everyone found some coins and artifacts.  I found a 1942 Wheat Penny, a kid's shovel, and about $3.00 in change.

At 7 PM we meet for Debra's Birthday Celebration at:

Virginia's on the Bay
815 Trout St
Port Aransas, TX 78373

The food at this place was OK the service was good, but they automatically charged an 18% gratuity which was not appreciated.  We all had a good time though.


Robert and I hunted under the pier where they had a public event going on the day before.  I found around $4 in change, a 1940s Rare Tawain coin, and a 1942-P silver nickel.


Everyone had a great time and we got to know each other better.  I want to thank Bradley for helping me get pictures and videos for this post!