Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club

5/4/24 Meeting

11 members present

2  Guests who joined. Welcome to Rick & Margaret Berger

Vice President, Tom Ashworth filling in for President, Earl Theiss who was out sick.

Meeting took place at Robinson Park in Llano and some did some metal detecting around park afterwards.

Previous minutes viewed online and approved.

Treasurer Report presented by Gary Goolsby. We have $1503.72 in our checking account including $640.19 for raffles. Approved by Dan Lynch and 2nd by Betty Goolsby.

The TAMDC meeting will be in June at Temple. Various hunts to be offered. Check out the TAMDC website for more info.

June Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club will be meeting, June 1st,  held at our usual time, 10 am and at our usual place, Kingsland Library.  Hope to see you there.

Tom was speaking today and demonstrating some interesting tactics in “park detecting”. Learning the sounds of proposed targets and whether to dig or not dig. Some pinpointer tips were discussed. Demonstrated how to hold and sweep your detector for best results. An Indian head penny and a dime was actually found while demonstrating.  Way to go Tom! And thankyou for sharing your knowledge on this subject.

Several raffles took place and prizes awarded.

Meeting adjourned at 10:55

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Theiss

Our next meeting will be at the Kingsland library June 1, 2024 at 10:00. If you have any items that we could use for raffle items please bring them.
Tom Ashworth will be giving a follow up presentation on metal detectors. Feel free to bring yours so that you can see on your machine what he is talking about and if you have any questions on your machine you can ask them.