Hey, all.  We attended the meeting very well yesterday, and the discussions were active.

Several issues were touched on.  After I explained the feedback I received regarding how the meetings were boring and following a good discussion of topics we needed to explore, the club made a motion to focus on moderate future growth.  A majority vote of the members in attendance passed this motion.
We discussed the website that Tom Ashworth built for the club (highlandlakesmetaldetecting.com).  By a majority vote, the club approved this website as the official website is designed to be accessed by the general public, with additional sections accessible only to paid club members.   Any club member can post articles, blogs, notes, and left letters, and  When a post is published, the website will automatically forward the post to our Facebook Page. In addition, it will deliver the post to all of the paid club members by email.  While the website has a PayPal button for paying club dues by new and current members, we need to hold off on using this until we determine where the funds collected through PayPal can go.   We have no bank account set up for the club because the club has never been set up as a legal entity.   We are just a gathering of folks interested in metal detecting.  To be able to set up a bank account, we would have to take steps to incorporate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.   At last night's meeting, the issue of becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit was tabled for further discussion at the February meeting.  When talking about how members can post their hunts and find and after learning that the website will email all paid members with the posts, a suggestion was made that if a member was planning to go out on a personal hunt, that member could post a note asking if any of the other members would like to join that private hunt.
By the way, please remember that the 2023 club dues are now due.  This needs to be paid to our Treasurer, Gary Goolsby, either in person at a meeting or at a club hunt, or you can mail a check payable to Gary Goolsby, mailed to him at 833 Lookout Mountain Road, Kingsland, TX 78639.   Remember, $5 of these dues are sent to the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs to make you a club member, as well as those who are paid members but do not attend meetings or club hunts; your membership cards for Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club, and Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs will be mailed to you as soon as we receive the TAMDC cards, probably in March.
Regarding future growth, we generally want to include speakers in the meetings to discuss various aspects of metal detecting.  Speakers could consist of club members talking about their experiences and expertise, as well as outside speakers such as retail vendors and members from nearby larger clubs—also, discuss the on was had regarding having auctions and door prizes during meetings.  Finally, a proposal was presented that we might need to elect an events coordinator to plan and put together the speakers and events for our meetings.  No actual vote was had on discussions, but I will ask the club to formally decide if an events coordinator should be elected during the February meeting.
We had a serious discussion about the date and time of our meetings.   For one, we had 12 in attendance at last night's meeting.   This was two persons over the library's limit for the small meeting room that we now usee will grow, even just a bit, and we will need to consider other accommodations.   The library's large meeting room is unavailable on the 1st Thursday of the month as another group uses that room on our day.   The library has informed me that the large meeting room is available on the 1st and 4th Saturdays of each month.  There was a discussion that some members could not end meetings on Thursday evenings due to work schedules, and others do not want to drive at night.  Another discuss debate since we often have difficulty determining a club hunt date with members having other commitments scheduled, trying to move the meetings to a Saturday will likely come up against those other commitments.   As such, it is clear that we will not be able to come up with a meeting date and time that will work for everyone, either current or future.  Therefore a committee will be meeting in a few days to come up with options that the club can consider and vote on at the February meeting.
As for the January club hunt, member Dan Lynch confirmed that the 13 acres owned by the Genisis Lutheran Church on Hwy 29 in Buchanan Dam would be available.   Remember, we planned a hunt at this location in November; Novembere had to cancel that hunt due to the passing of our dear Secretary Knox Graham.   The club voted to have the January club hunt at that location on January 21st at 9:00 a.m.   Dan told us that the church a church hash is property of over 20 years, Styears inn the past and talk is that Native Americans passed through the property (maybe an often-used path?), and there was a retail business and even a bordello.  Dan told us that as some church officials were walking the property line, one noticed several coins lying on the ground's surface in what must have been a coin drop.   Weather permitting, this should be a good hunt, and we should have a great time.   As usual, I will send additional emails with directions and reminders.
Questions?  Comments?  Fuss?  Cuss?  Please email me or call me at 936-334-7902.  Stay healthy and be safe.
Gary Bunyard, President
P.S.   If you do not get an email from the website on the post of this newsletter, please let me know.