Hey all.  I got an itch today and I went to Badu Park in Llano where they just put up a new tot lot next to the splash pad.  The playground still has netting surrounding it but there were two spots where the netting was pulled down.  Sure enough there was a quarter lost there.   I then moved to the area next to the basketball court where I noticed remnants of fireworks that had been illegally set off there.   In all I recovered 4 quarters, 4 dimes, 7 pennies, 3 toy cars, a 2014 dog rabies tag, and some other scrap.  Of note is that one of the pennies is a 1950d WHEATIE.   I hope to try to get out some this weekend.  However, if anyone wants to get out and you want some company let me know.   Depending on the weather, I have a location in mind where there has been a lot of activity all this month which I want to visit on Tuesday.   If it works out I will send out an invite to everyone to join me.