Hey all.   On 02/12/23 I did a personal hunt at the Llano Junior High School and the Llano Elementary School.  I really was not expecting to recover much as I hunt both locations quite often.  I did recover 4 quarters, 4 dimes, 2 nickels, and 9 pennies along with 2 toy car doors that were tied together.   One of the quarters is a 1965.  As you know 1964 was the last year that silver quarters were minted, however, there were a number of 1965 quarters that were struck in silver by mistake before the error was corrected.  Those error quarters are worth big bucks.   Unfortunately my 1965 is a copper/nickel composite.

I have not yet heard back from the guy who wanted help locating his wedding ring.  Over the weekend I found an email from the Buchanan Dam Library asking if we could put on a demonstration for them.  I responded that we would be glad to do so and gave my phone number for them to call me.  I will let you know when we work out the details.