Hello fellow club members:

I apologize for bunching all of this up but I have been busy working with Hill Country Cats to trap feral/stray cats that come into my yard.  Once they are trapped the cats are taken to a location where a vet will spay/neuter and vaccinate for rabies.  When the cats are awake and determined to be ok then they are returned to my yard and released.  The intent is to reduce the breeding population in my area.  So far during the past month we have "fixed" 6 cats with an additional cat being killed by a car across the street meaning 7 of the area cats are no longer breeding.   Because of this I am just now getting time to post my recent finds.
My first hunt was at the Llano High School where the students gather during breaks and lunch time.  Here I recovered 2 quarters, 5 pennies, a ring that is either copper or copper plate, a costume ring missing the stone, a magnet, and one of the number wheels of a combination lock.
My nest hunt was at the Moore Sports Complex in Llano.  I recovered 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel, 7 pennies, a connector to some sort of tubing, a gold colored charm, and a rifle brass.  The charm has a connector arm that is attached to the clasp that is of the same color as the charm and has "925" stamped on both sides.  According to my research, this means that the charm is gold plated.  I checked the "diamonds" and they are faux diamonds.  The really interesting thing is the rifle brass.  The headstamp lettering is "LC 81 MATCH".  From my research this is military issue manufactured in Lake City Ordinance Plant, Independence, Missouri.  Based on my measurements, it is 7.62x51 (military version of .308 Winchester).  MATCH rounds were designed to be more accurate than regular rounds and are used primarily by snipers and in competition.
I then went to the Llano rodeo complex r/v parking area where I recovered 2 dimes, 7 pennies, and a screw to something.
From there I went to the Llano Elementary school where I recovered 3 pennies and a carabiner.
Next I went to the Llano Jr. High School.  I recovered 4 quarters, 4 dimes, 14 pennies, some metal "washer"(?), what appears to be the base of an industrial light bulb, 2 small washers, a broken bolt, a battery, and a metal strip of aluminum.
Finally I went to the ladies softball field.  Here I recovered 2 quarters, 1 dime, 6 pennies, 3 bolts, a strip of wire (copper?), and an interesting zipper pull.
Remember, we have our March club meeting tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. at the Kingsland Library,  The weather forecast suggests that there will be a line of thunderstorms passing either before the meeting or right about the meeting.  This is described as a fast moving storm so short of a tornado destroying the library we will have the meeting on time.
Questions or comments email or call me.
Gary Bunyard