On 02/13/2023 I went out to the rodeo complex in Llano where I hunted under the bleachers and a small part of the holding area.  The rest of the holding area as well as the arena had been freshly watered and smoothed in preparation for the next barrel racing event on Saturday so I stopped my hunt at this point.  Here I recovered 1 quarter, 1 dime, 4 pennies, a pin of the flag with long horns, a strip of aluminum, two broken swivels, and a bent label that was engraved with "Good Luck D. U. ACO 128".

On 02/14/2023 I went to the Badu Park in Llano.   I checked a section near the new playground where I had not hunted before.  Here I recovered 1 quarter, 3 pennies, two bolts, a bit of copper wire, and a $100, uh, oh, that's 100 peso Mexican coin.  The first thing I saw on the Mexican coin was a gold colored coin with "$100" and my heart skipped 2 beats before I realized what I really had.  In reality that coin is worth about $5.40 in US money.  It is dated 1988.  By the way, that big bolt really blew my ears out when my detector picked that up.

Finally, today I went to the local grocery store where I checked the Coinstar machine.  There I recovered 1 quarter, 1 $1 (one peso) Mexican coin, and a 2002 5 cent Euro coin that was minted in Italy.  The quarter is dated 1965 which is the first year of the modern clad quarter.  Of interest, the 1 peso Mexican coin and the 5 cent Euro coin are both worth about 5¢ in US money.

In other news, I have committed to giving a metal detecting talk and demonstration at the Lakeshore Library in Buchanan Dam on March 20, 2023, at 2:00 p.m.   If anyone wants to join me in this presentation or if you just want to come and watch, you are more than welcome.  The library address is 7346 Ranch Road 261, Buchanan Dam.    Anyone wanting to be part of the presentation let me know so we can coordinate our efforts.  It will be a great PR event for both metal detecting as well as for our club.

Gary Bunyard