Hello folks.   This past Sunday I went out to the Moore Sports Complex in Llano.  I started out by hunting in ball field #2 in the area between the fence and the third base line to home base and then to the first base line.   Here I recovered several coins.   I believe these are recent drops as I have hunted this area of ground many times.   I then went to the fence line behind 3rd base outfield and recovered a number of coins, particularly dimes as well as the lottery scratch off token and the Little League Baseball pin with the clasp broken off.  This area I have never hunted before.  Then I went behind the fence behind the 2nd base outfield and recovered several coins, particularly quarters.  I had never hunted this area before.   I then went to the outside of the fence along the 1st baseline of ball field #3 and found a couple of coins.

In all I recovered 7 quarters, 7 dimes, 2 nickels, 14 pennies, a Texas lottery token, a Little League Baseball pin with broken clasp, 2 pieces of aluminum wire, a bolt, a grommet, and two broken pieces of metal.
Remember we have our March club hunt coming up this Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at the carnival grounds next to the Burnet Community Center in Burnet.   I hope to see you there.
Gary Bunyard