Hey folks.  Tom Ashworth and I went out to two locations Tom had an interest in.  The first location was a vacant lot in Burnet that Tom had obtained permission for the club to hunt at.  In the 1960's a major tornado had destroyed the house on this lot and tore out the trees leaving a swath of bare ground.  Since then trees and vegetation has been growing back.  Tom and I decided to do a test hunt to see if it would be worth the club's time to do a club hunt there.  The answer was no.  All we were able to locate was various junk metals.  You see from the photo that I recovered a mashed gas can, a railroad spike, some can lids, and other scrap metals.  Tom's recovery was the same.  Tom returned to the site later that afternoon and hunted the creek bed that ran next to the vacant lot.  He recovered a quarter and a wheat penny that were both very encrusted.   If the club wants to go back we can vote to do so but Tom and I think this property is a bust.

On Saturday Tom suggested he and I go to the Tow Community Center.   On the property was an old church that is no longer in use for services but is used for special occasions, the Tow Volunteer Fire Department Ladies' Auxiliary, the community center, a pavilion, a large fish fry station and tables, 3 cooking pits, and a storage building.  I took a photo of both of our finds on my tailgate.I recovered 1 quarter, 1 dime, 8 pennies, a pair of tags that I found at the base of a power pole, and a child's ring.  At first I thought the ring was costume until I got it home and looked at it under magnification.  I FINALLY FOUND MY FIRST GOLD RING.  It is marked 14KS.  I know that 14k is 54% gold with the rest a different metal.  Tom educated me that the S means that the different metal is SILVER so that the ring gets the white gold color.

Hey folks, the lesson here is that if you don't get out and swing that detector that great find will be recovered by someone else.  So get out and let us know what you find.  Anyway, I will close for now.  I will be posting the meeting agenda tomorrow so if you have a topic you want the club to talk about send it to me today so I can include it in the agenda.

Gary Bunyard, President