Hey all,  sorry for the delay in posting this.  I had a very good time at last week's treasure show even though I was disappointed in the limited crowd draw.  Obviously, if a show is trying to pull in a substantial crowd the show needs to be paired with TAMDC.  Still I was kept busy both days showing off my finds that I brought for display on our table and our volunteers working the raffle sales did a great job as you will likely hear at the next meeting.   Of note is the silver hunt that was held on Sunday morning.  Larry Vickers, who hosted the metal detecting portion of the show, did something different in my experience.   Two years ago TAMDC put out silver coins and tokens for the silver hunt.  The tokens were exchanged for prizes.  This year Larry put out only painted pennies.  Every single penny was painted green on one side to blend with the color of the tall grass.  On the other side each penny was painted with one of 4 colors.  The color designated your prize.  The prizes were silver coins in various denominations.  For example a blue color was for a silver dime and a red color was for a Morgan silver dollar.  Anyway, I do believe I was one of the top collectors of the group.  From the pennies I recovered I received a 1879 Morgan silver dollar, a 1947 standing Liberty silver half dollar, a 1943 Washington silver quarter, a 1964 Washington silver quarter, a 1917 Mercury silver dime, a 1943 Mercury silver dime, 5 1946 Franklin silver dimes, one 1947 Franklin silver dime, one 1948 Franklin silver dime, one 1950 Franklin silver dime, 2 1951 Franklin silver dimes, one 1952 Franklin silver dime, one 1953 Franklin silver dime, 4 1954 Franklin silver dimes, 1 1955 Franklin silver dime, 1 1956 Franklin silver dime, 1 1958 Franklin silver dime, 2 1959 Franklin silver dimes, 2 1960 Franklin silver dimes, 3 1961 Franklin silver dimes, 2 1962 Franklin silver dimes, 5 1963 Franklin silver dimes, and 8 1964 Frankies.  There were quite a few pennies that were not recovered so Larry Vickers did drawings to hand out the remaining silver coins.  I also want to note that I won a raffle during the show for a 1882 Morgan silver dollar in which I bought 12 tickets for $10.

2024 Treasure Show

Silver finds