Wow, I received word that the Llano rodeo arena had been deep turned and I would have time to hunt the arena before it needed to be prepped for the Crawfish Festival.  So on Thursday and Saturday I hunted the arena going side to side rather than end to end as I had before.  I was mostly finding trash until I got into the area where the riders get ready just before the calf is released for the calf roping event.  I suspect that little area was part of the area where they held the kid's coin hunt during the 2022 Treasure Show because I really got into a pile of coins, mostly nickels and dimes but a few quarters.  I did recover a fair amount of coins in the main arena as well.  In total I recovered 10 quarters, 8 dimes, 9 nickels, 19 pennies or parts of pennies.  Besides a whole lot of bolts, screws, nuts, bottle caps, pull tabs, 2 chain links, and other broken and scrap metals, I recovered two rather nice conchos, 1 whole key, and the blades of 3 other keys.  The only thing I recover from this location that I am asked to return to the manager are the keys so that she can mark them off the lost key list.