Well everyone, I know it has been awhile but I was finally able to dust off my Deus II and give it a go.  The first outing was with Dan Lynch.  We went to Quarry Park in Granite Shoals to see if we could pick up things that were dropped during the last carnival there.  Dan and I had a good time getting out but the pickings were not all that good.  I ended up with 1 quarter, a couple of dimes, a nickel, and a few pennies.  Dan was the coin king.  He found a patch to the side of the restrooms where he found more coins than I did, although it was still not all that much. Dan also found a RING, although it appears to have been a carnival ring without the stone.  Still, it was good to be able to get out with Dan.

Today I thought I would get out before the rain hit.  I started out at the Llano baseball complex and then went to the Llano elementary school.  In all I recovered 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 6 pennies.  All coins were modern.  At the baseball complex in the parking lot I recovered a Hotwheels El Camino SS.  Then at one of the tot lots at the elementary school I recovered a RING.  It is an adult sized STERLING SILVER ring.  If my research is accurate the G hallmark stamp indicates it was made in Glasgow, England.  I can't swear to this as the G could also stand for the name of the silversmith that made the ring.  Oh, well, another mystery.

I am going to miss you at the meeting and hunt on the 4th.  I have a commitment with the cat fixing group I can not afford to miss.  I told Earl that even though Robinson Park is in my backyard so to speak, I will not hunt there until some day after your hunt on the 4th.  Have a good meeting and I wish you all well at the hunt.

Gary Bunyard