Today we had a good club hunt.  The attendance was a bit light but we had a guest come and joined the club.  Please welcome our new member, Jesse Wimberly.  Jesse is our youngest member at age 13 (almost 14).  Jesse recovered his share of relics and trash but he did find a few coins including a quarter and he recovered a very nice pocket knife.  I have asked if Jesse could send me a photo of his finds so I can post the photo on our website.  I also asked Jesse to bring that nice pocket knife to our next meeting for the show and tell table.  Well done, Jesse.

Personally I recovered 4 quarters, 1 dime, 8 pennies, some odd relics/trash, and a nice charm bracelet with several charms.  I have put a post on Llano Rants and Raves as well as NextDoor offering to return the bracelet if the owner can properly describe the charms.  This is the only forum that I will post a photo of my finds for now.