Yesterday there was another soccer tournament at the Llano soccer field.  This morning I went to the parking lot, which is a mix of dirt with some gravel, to check for dropped coins which is rather frequent at these events.  In coins I recovered 1 quarter, 1 dime, and 5 pennies.  There was also a broken zipper pull and a clear marble (surface find obviously).  Then my heart went thumpity, thump.  I pulled out a lost charm with a dog (I think a lab) image but on the back is "S925".  STERLING SILVER, baby.  So far I have not yet been able to ID the hallmark at the top.  Wow, I guess I am CHARMED.  A charm bracelet on Saturday and a sterling silver charm on Sunday.  Woohoo.  As of this moment I have not had any response to my attempts to find the owner of the charm bracelet.  I listed it on Llano Rants and Raves, NextDoor, and a general post on Facebook.  Tomorrow I will be letting the City of Llano know about it.