We had a good meeting this morning.  While we had 11 in attendance, we missed several folks who came at least occasionally.  If you have paid your dues for 2023 and you have not yet received your Club Membership Card and your TAMDC Membership Card, send me an email with your mailing address, and we will mail these cards to you if you are not likely to come to a meeting in June or July.

We started our meeting by reading the April 1, 2023, meeting minutes.  I read the minutes on behalf of our Club Secretary, Betty Goolsby.  The minutes were approved without objection.  Next, our Treasurer, Gary Goolsby, gave the Treasurer's Report and told us about his research of area banks and the fees and conditions each bank required for a checking account.  Gary reported that IBC Bank in Marble Falls was the only bank with a no-fee checking account regardless of the balance.  The Club approved a motion for the Treasurer to open a checking account on behalf of the Club at the IBC Bank and to order checks. 

We then heard the Events Committee Report given by Committee Member Tom Ashworth.  The Events Committee will hold a raffle at the June meeting that will be open to those in attendance.  Raffle tickets will cost $1 each or six for 5$.  Depending on how successful this raffle is and other factors, the Events Committee may continue holding the raffle regularly or perhaps every other meeting.  There was discussion about future raffles to help fund club hunts, including seeded coins and tokens similar to the TAMDC Silver Hunt held in February 2022.  We then heard from the Club Hunt Committee.  Committee Member Earl Theiss gave this report.  The May Club Hunt will be held at the Kingsland Slab on May 13th, starting at 10:00 a.m.  More details will be shown below.  After a short discussion on the April Club Hunt, we heard from our speaker of the month, Tom Ashworth, who gave a talk on detecting in and underwater.  Tom had various detectors and other gear that he showed to us, including his BLU3 Nemo diving platform.  After a short Show and Tell, the meeting was adjourned.

As stated, the May club hunt will be at the Kingsland Slab on the Llano River just outside Kingsland.  Many sandy, rocky, and water areas are available for detection.  The entire riverbed is open to us, wet or dry.  The beaches have boundary borders such as fences that we must respect, but there is enough to keep you busy for the day.  Tom Ashworth will bring his Nemo dive platform; you can see how it works in the water.  Earl Theiss will be able to point out the direction to possible locations that are or have been popular.  I even heard someone say they would bring gold pans and a sluice.  Wear footgear to protect your feet from sharp rocks and broken glass.  Water socks will work, but they fill up with sand and are very uncomfortable on bare feet, so if these are your choice, I recommend wearing regular socks.  I use the ski boots that folks wear while water skiing.   If you plan to detect in the sand, wet or dry, you will do your best using a sand scoop.  If you do not have one, I will have two extra that you can borrow.

If you are interested in participating in the club hunt next Saturday but are still determining where the Kingsland Slab is located, email me, and I will send you a map and directions.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by email or phone at 936-334-7902.

Gary Bunyard, President