Hey Gang.  Yesterday the Llano rodeo/events center manager asked me to give her some training on her Minelab Equinox 800 which she won in a raffle at the February 2022 Treasure Show that was held in Llano.   We started out on clad coins that I tossed out.  This gave her the ability to see the VDI numbers and hear the tones that the Nox 800 gave for those coins.   We then went to the warmup area beside the actual rodeo arena.  This is the area where the participants walk and trot the horses around to warm them up for the events.  It is also the area where the kids hunt was held during the Treasure Show.  Now bear in mind that I got there about an hour before she did so I covered a lot of ground in the warmup area waiting for her.  The ground was rather hard packed making digging hard so the manager jumped on the tractor and dug up about 4 rows to soften the ground we were concentrating on.  Before we quit she recovered her fair share of trash as well as 2 quarters.  She was tickled about metal detecting and spoke of a number of places both in Texas and in other states where she was going to take her Nox during trips with her husband.  She said while he is out hunting she will be out metal detecting.  She might even join our club.

As for me, before the manager arrived I recovered 5 quarters, 5 dimes, 5 pennies, some bolts and screws, 2 pistol casings, a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle casing, and a broken tooth from one of the facility's ground digging harrows.

07 06 finds