Yesterday I found that the warmup area of the Llano rodeo arena complex had just been turned over so I did another sweep of that area.  This is the same area where the February 2022 Treasure Show Kid's Hunt was held and is the same area where I hunted before the complex manager arrived for me to train her on her NOX 800.  With the ground being broken up and turned over I recovered a variety of goodies as well as the usual trash.  This time I recovered 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 1 nickel, 5 very deteriorated pennies and 3 pre-1983 memorial pennies which are in much better condition because they are 95% copper.  I also recovered a Cincinnati Parking Control parking token, a 1988 British penny, a 1984 Canadian penny, a silver something that looks like a nut pick or a stylus, but I don't think it is either of those things, 2 pieces of vary deteriorated conchos, various deteriorated fired pistol brass, a mangled .45 caliber lead bullet, and a variety of bolts, screws, and junk metal.  It is very interesting to find that parking token from Cincinnati, Ohio.  There is no issue date and no designation of value.  I did find an article that Cincinnati is phasing out the coin/token operated parking meters and replacing them with digital meters.  Identical tokens are being offered on Ebay for $3.  In the same general area is the British penny and the Canadian penny.  Both are 1980's issue date and look like they have been in the ground for some time.  The most perplexing item out of this group is the silver "stylus" or "pick".  It is rather heavy but I cannot tell if it is solid silver or just silver plate which I suspect.  If anyone can offer ideas on this thing, please let me know what you think.

Gary Bunyard