Well this is a follow up to my earlier message.  First I apologize to Dan Lynch in that his detector is a Garrett AT MAX instead of the PRO that I called it in my post.  Anyway, today Dan recovered a bolt, two pull tabs, a grommet, a name badge clip, two items of scrap metal, and a 1979 quarter.  Given the fact that the ground was like concrete to dig in, I think this is a good start with this new detector.  For anyone who does not know Dan, he has only been on a couple of hunts with his detector.  I am convinced that Dan appreciates the fact that regardless of the detector, it is the experience that makes the difference and the only way to get that experience is to use the detector enough to learn what the detector is telling the operator.  The person who is having fun learning the detector is the person who will really benefit from the ups and downs of the hunts.  

Thanks Dan for telling me about this spot and letting me hunt with you today.

Gary Bunyard