I am so glad to hear that we have a member who is getting his detector out as much as possible considering what he has to do otherwise.  Dan Lynch just let me know that he did a solo hunt at the Granite Shoals Quarry Park.  He chose this location because a carnival was held at that location this past spring.  Naturally Dan encountered ground that was the consistency of concrete.  Still he recovered 1 quarter, 3 nickels, some bottle caps, foil, pull tabs, and "can-slaw".  Dan is starting to be able to discern between a coin and a pull tab.  Personally I think that Dan did very well recovering 3 nickels since a nickel and a pull tab are very close in readings and tones.  Remember Dan is just starting to learn his brand new Garrett AT MAX.  He has studied YouTube videos and did the coin toss in the back yard test.  I know that every one of us who have been doing this for a while now will still remember the combination of "wow" at finding a couple of coins and frustration at just finding a couple of coins when we were just starting in this hobby.  Dan clearly understands that time and patience will go a long way in his being able to really learn the "tricks of the trade".  Way to go, Dan.  By the way, we will see Dan at the club hunt on August 26th at the Kingsland Slab.