Hey, Hey, Hey.   I received an email from Dan Lynch telling me also that he attended the August club hunt at the Kingsland Slab.   Dan recovered 3 pull tabs and 6 bottle caps.  No, this is not a dud because Dan left the river bed cleaner than it was before he got there just like all of the other members who were there.  Dan tells me he got a chance to try out his new sand scoop but, unfortunately, he had to quit when the ears that hold the control box to the shaft of his Garrett AT MAX broke leaving his control box flopping around.  Dan found out that this seems to be a common problem because there are a number of aftermarket brackets that help support the ears to prevent breakage.   While Garrett is currently fixing his shaft under warranty, the guy Dan talked to said there are no current plans to redesign the shaft.  For anyone who has a Garrett AT series detector, you can find the support brackets at Outlaw Metal Detectors, Serious Detecting, and on Ebay.  Good to know, Dan.  Thank you.

Gary Bunyard, President