Woo-hoo.  Got a half inch of rain in Llano last night.  Sorely needed.  Yesterday morning I put on my chest waders and did some detecting in the Badu Park where most of the kids would swim back when the river was up enough to be flowing.  Now the river is too low and is becoming stagnant, so swimming has been stopped to avoid the algae diseases which is why I used the waders.  A couple of years ago they did a big dredging project so I was only able to get about 6 feet from the bank before it got too deep for the waders.  Anyway, all I was able to recover was a screw, a pull tab, a penny, and a costume earring.  This morning I remembered that Llano High held their homecoming parade past the courthouse this past Friday so I went to the courthouse to check it out.  It has been some time since I detected at the courthouse.  Anyway, I recovered 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 11 pennies, a grommet, 3 pieces of scrap copper, and a copper nail.  I checked the nail and it is most definitely copper.  The rain was most definitely a big help in the digs.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Llano County Park next to Black Rock Park on September 30th.  Good luck to you folks who are going to Port Aransas.  Looking forward to see what you recover.

Gary Bunyard