Hey Gang.  Sorry for the delay in this report on the latest club hunt.  We had 13 members attending which is great.  I think we all had a good time.  We had plenty of space to hunt due to the low level of the lake.  I really can not brag much on my finds other than to say that I did my part in removing trash from the lakebed.  I did recover 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 13 pennies, a length of aluminum wire, several fishing lures and weights (most are not in this photo),  a golf ball (surface find), and several cans.  I know that Dan Lynch recovered a Harley Davidson ring.  Hopefully we can get anyone who came to the hunt to bring any of the items that might be of interest to the club meeting on Saturday for the Show and Tell time.  I know that Tom Ashworth has some interesting items to show us.  Don't forget that Earl Theiss will be giving us a talk on digging history with a metal detector.  Finally, if you think of a location that might be good for a club hunt let us know about it at the meeting.  I met a couple at an event who said they have property in Sunrise Beach that we could hunt on.  I did some research on their place and it is just over 10 acres that used to be part of a farm.  However, when we talked further, they said that their weekends were so full that it would be late winter or early spring before they could let us come out.  Bummer - for now.