Hey all....

We had a good turnout for the club hunt this morning.  Besides our regulars, I was very glad to see Jesse Wimberly and Scott Hegel there.  Tom Ashworth and a couple of others found a few modern coins and Tom even found a costume ring.  Other than that, I believe the rest of us found a few artifacts and a lot of trash.

Remember, this coming Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. at the Kingsland Library will be our December club meeting and potluck lunch.  I am attaching a copy of the meeting agenda to this newsletter.  The meeting will be short.  Beside the approval of last month's minutes and the Treasurer's Report, we will have election of officers for 2024.  As I mentioned earlier, I am stepping aside as president.  I have really enjoyed the privilege you afforded me these last years, but I am getting really involved as Secretary, Trapping, Staging, and Transporting for Hill Country Cats.  It has come to the point where I cannot devote the time to both offices and still do the job properly.  It is time that our club have some new blood and perhaps new direction.  As it stands the candidates who have offered to serve are Earl Theiss as President, Tom Ashworth as Vice-President, Gary Goolsby as Treasurer, and Peggy Theiss as Secretary.  If anyone else wants to be considered as a candidate for any of these offices, please send me an email at gary.w.bunyard@gmail.com and I will announce your candidacy for the office you are seeking.   Please note that elections for the committee members of the Events Committee and the Club Hunt Committee will be held during the January 2024 meeting.

Remember that Gary Goolsby will have the club shirts that you ordered ready for pickup and payment.  If you did not order a shirt but you want one, we will have several extras available.  These shirts are being sold for what they cost the club to buy plus a few pennies to round the price up to an even number.  We encourage you to show your pride in our club, especially during the Treasure Show that is being held at the John L. Kuykendall Events Center in Llano in March 2024.  That will be 3 days of fun and entertainment and will include at least 1 seeded hunt for the metal detectorists.  I got a very good deal on my XP Deus II detector at the Treasure Show in Llano in 2022.  There will be more details to come.

If you are coming and you have not yet chosen a dish to bring to for the potluck lunch you can contact Betty Goolsby at 832-689-3340.

We are having a big raffle at the end of this meeting which will be the first raffle in which the top prize has been purchased with funds raised during the past raffles.  Of note is that a new Nokta Makro Simplex New Generation metal detector will be one of the prizes given in this raffle.  You do not need to be present to win in this raffle.  You can leave the meeting early or, if you cannot come to the meeting at all, you can contact Debra Ashworth at 208-830-7991 and she will arrange for you to buy tickets in advance of the meeting.  All tickets sold for this raffle will have the buyer's name and phone number printed on each ticket.  If you are not present, you will be notified by phone which prize you won and you can work out the details on when to pick up your prize.  Naturally, if you are present, you will receive your prize(s) during the raffle.  Please note:  a spinning raffle drum will be used for all tickets drawn during this raffle.   Tickets are $1 each or 6 tickets for $5.

Come One, Come All

Gary Bunyard, President (for now)

12 2023 agenda