For my last personal hunt before the Christmas holiday I went to a local school here in Llano.  I recovered 1 quarter, 1 nickel, 12 pennies, a large chunk of copper part off something, a length of solid aluminum wire, the ear piece from eyeglasses, and a RING.   You will have to see this ring at the next meeting.   The outer portion is something like acrylic with dolphins around it and is lined on the inside with copper.   What is unique is that the material inside the acrylic changes colors from brown to purple to aquamarine to dark blue when you put the ring on your finger.  Apparently it is heat activated.   There are no maker's markings anywhere on the ring.  It is large enough almost to fit my finger.   I had hunted this school a week earlier so I am not surprised that there was not more newly dropped coins.  As you see most of the pennies had been in the ground for quite some time.  Naturally it was this ring that made the day.