Good morning everyone.   I know I previously said that I was done with hunting at the Llano County Park, however, yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to give it another try.   Beside the various fishing weights and lures, as well as cans and pull tabs, I recovered 1 quarter, 9 dimes, 17 pennies, and 2 RINGS.   Of particular interest one of the rings has the 925 stamp although there are no other markings that I can see in the current condition.  I will clean it and see what else might show up.   The other item of interest is that one of the pennies is a WHEAT.  It appears that it is a 1953.  Hopefully the date will clear up during cleaning.   By looking at it now you might think it is 1958, yet 1956 was the last year of the wheat penny.   One of the other pennies is a 1959 but it is a memorial as it should be.   The ring that has a "diamond" is clearly costume.

I am planning on going to a couple of local areas I routinely hunt.  I will let you know what I find.
Remember we do need your participation at the next club meeting on January 5th.  Please, please, please if you just cannot attend in person send me an email or call me at 936-334-7902 to express your thoughts on the issues I described in my last newsletter.   Even if your thoughts are just "I don't care." I want to hear from you.
Thanks all and have a safe and Happy New Year.
Gary Bunyard, President