Hello fellow club members.  Here is the agenda for the May 6th club meeting that will be held at 10:00 a.m. in the small meeting room of the Kingsland Library.  Note that while we voted to use the large meeting room, that room is being used to hold elections on this Saturday.  Starting in June we will be begin using the large meeting room.



ITEM 1 Reading of minutes of April 1, 2023 meeting minutes - to be read by Gary Bunyard

ITEM 2 Treasurer’s Report - to be read by Gary Bunyard

ITEM 3 Establish club bank account, determine who will be signatories on the account, determine the number of signatures required to issue a check on the club account, authorize Treasurer to order standard checks.

ITEM 4 Discussion regarding the April Club Hunt.

ITEM 5 Determine location, date, and time for May Club Hunt.

ITEM 6 Speaker: Tom Ashworth speaking on water metal detecting.

ITEM 7 Show and Tell time for May meeting.