Good Morning, Club Members.   Well, the 2023 Llano Crawfish Festival was a HUGE success.  I did not go into the area where the vendors and shows were held but from what I could see from passing by and from talking to folks who were there the attendees were packed in like sardines.  You will see from the attached map that there were 3 major parking areas that were bumper to bumper packed.   The area where the venders were located are likely to have been hit by one or two locals who prefer to hunt as independents and do not want to join a club.  Neither of the locals have decent detectors so they are likely to miss quite a bit.

Just wanted to remind you that we have our next club hunt this coming Saturday, April 29th, at 9:00 a.m. at the festival grounds.   The area for the vendors and the shows was at Robinson Park, 100 Robinson Park Road, Llano.  The primary parking area was the vacant lot next to the Llano Community Center, 2249 W RR 152, Llano.   The overflow parking was in the vacant field where we had the silver hunt during the Treasure Show (mainly the front half) as well as on both sides of the rodeo complex entry road and the mid field between the soccer field and the rodeo complex parking lot.  You can use the attached map to generate your plan of attack.   There are 2 restroom stations in Robinson Park.
Questions or comments?  Email me or call me at 936-334-7902.
Gary Bunyard, President