Hey Folks,  we had a great meeting on April 1st.  We had a very good attendance, including some new members who came and joined our club.  I want to again welcome all of the new members and I hope you enjoy our club activities.

Unfortunately, the first thing I had to do before getting into the regular agenda was to announce the resignation of Hubert Jackson as our elected Huntmaster.  Over the years Hubert has done an EXCELLENT job finding us interesting places to conduct our club hunts.   I am glad to say that Hubert will remain an active member of our club and is more than willing to give assistance to his successor.  By majority vote the club accepted Hubert's resignation.
Our Secretary, Betty Goolsby, read the minutes from the March 2023 meeting and by majority vote the minutes were approved.
Our Treasurer, Gary Goolsby, gave the Treasurer's report and by majority vote this report was approved.
The next item we took up was for the appointment of a new Huntmaster and two supporting committee members.  A motion was made to eliminate the position of Huntmaster and create a Club Hunt Committee.  By majority vote this motion was approved.  The following members volunteered to serve as Club Hunt Committee members:
        Earl Theiss            etheiss@verizon.net
        Tom Ashworth       tashworth19191@gmail.com
        Gary Hare             lubnerngary@hotmail.com
Anyone who has a location that you think might be good for a club hunt send an email to any of these committee members describing the property, its location, the person to contact for permission if known, and any information you know of the history of the property.  The committee will discuss the options submitted and will contact you regarding your submission.  At the next club meeting the committee will give a report on the potential properties and the club will vote on which property to select for the next club hunt.
The next agenda item was to create a Club Events Committee who will seek to have speakers come to our meetings and dazzle us with new information related to our hobby.  The Events Committee would also set up other fun meeting activities for future meetings.  By majority vote this was approved.  The following members volunteered to serve as Club Events Committee members:
      Earl Theiss            etheiss@verizon.net
      Tom Ashworth       tashworth19191@gmail.com
      Karen Graham      kkgraham46@yahoo.com
      Betty Goolsby       goolsbydg400@yahoo.com
      Deb Ashworth       tashworth19191@gmail.com
      Cindy Sikorski      sikorski315@gmail.com
As with the Hunt Committee, anyone who has a suggestion for a speaker and/or an interesting meeting activity just submit your idea to one of the Events Committee members who will discuss all of the current options and will then organize to bring us a speaker and possibly an interesting club activity for the future club meetings.
Agenda Item 5 was then discussed.  After some back and forth hashing out the details, a motion was made and seconded to establish the club and a "Doing Business As" organization and to obtain a federal tax ID number so that our Treasure can set up a club bank account.  By majority vote this motion was approved.  Club Member Tom Ashworth will be in charge of doing the paperwork and filings needed to set the club up as a DBA and obtain the EIN necessary for the Treasurer to set up the club account.
Next on the agenda was discussion on the April club hunt.   After discussion, by majority vote the club chose to have the April club hunt on April 29th starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Robinson City Park, 123 Robinson Park Drive, Llano.  In my future reminder email I will provide directions and a map to this park.  This hunt will be the first weekend after the 2023 Llano Crawfish Festival has concluded.  There is a lot of area that will be covered by vendors, for parking, and for camping during the festival.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  If you do not have a detector let me know as I have two backups that you can borrow.  Although we will start at 9:00 a.m. you can hunt for as long as you want, even if everyone else has called it quits.  There are two restroom facilities on the property.
Our speaker for this meeting was our own member, Tom Ashworth.  Tom gave a wonderful talk and demonstration on researching private lands for potential hunts.  As part of his presentation, Tom brought a number of items that he found using the research techniques he talked about.
Finally we had our Show and Tell session.  Tom Ashworth brought the "gold" ring that he found following the LEAF festival in Llano.  I brought the baby's white gold ring I found in Tow along with some items I found at the Llano rodeo arena.  Robert Zamenzind brought his new Nokta Makro Legend detector and the accessories included in the package he chose.   Robert, I know you are going to have a great time with that Legend.
Since there were new members present who have not metal detected before I am attaching my personal guidelines for hunting on public properties.   I have also attached a copy of the clarification letter I obtained from LCRA regarding our ability to metal detect in LCRA managed lakes (remember I said lakes, not land).
If anyone has a question, a comment, or a suggestion, feel free to contact me by email at highlandlakesmdclub@gmail.com or by phone at 936-334-7902.   If any of the new members would like some assistance in learning hunt techniques you are welcome to contact me and we can set up a time and location to meet.  I am retired so everyday is Saturday to me.   Again, if anyone does not yet have a detector let me know and I can let you use one of my backups. We can discuss how to choose a detector and what accessories you would need.
In the meantime, dust off those detectors and send me a photo of your finds.  I can repost your photos to the entire club and I know we would all like to see them.
Gary Bunyard, President