Hello fellow members.  We had a great meeting yesterday with a total of 14 in attendance, including two who joined up at the meeting.  Give a big welcome to new members James "Jim" Tallent and Bill Barnes.  After approval of the July meeting minutes and the treasurer's report, the Events Committee spokesperson, Betty Goolsby, discussed the upcoming September club hunt in Port Aransas.  The final vote is for this hunt to take place from September 15th to September 17th.  Betty Goolsby has negotiated a group price at the Ocean's Edge Hotel.  If you want to go and stay at the Ocean’s Edge Hotel you would need to call the hotel and talk to Amanda to make your own reservations. For members of AARP the rate for 2 nights is $276.96 and for those who are not members of AARP the rate is $291.54. It is recommended that you tell the reservation agent (Amanda) that you are with the Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club so that the rooms would be closer together AND you will be given the AARP discount even if you are not personally an AARP member. The hotel’s phone number is (301) 749-6427. Tom and Debra Ashworth will be making an Air BnB reservation so that they can bring their dogs with them. Anyone who prefers to make accommodations through Air BnB are welcome to do so. Tom reports that Air BnB rates are generally less than hotel rates. If you prefer to bring an R/V or camper trailer you are welcome to do that as well.  If you have any questions, you can contact Betty Goolsby at bggoolsby@hotmail.com.   By the way, the Events Committee provided us with drinks and cookies this time.  A big thank you to the Events Committee for these refreshments.  We discussed and decided that our general fund can be used to purchase the makings for the drinks and snacks prepared for our meetings.

We talked about the July club hunt at the Burnet rodeo grounds.  We all experienced very hard ground, so the finds were rather disappointing.  It was like trying to dig in concrete.  The Club Hunt Committee recommended returning to the Kingsland Slab for the August club hunt since the riverbed is now almost totally dry allowing those who do not do water hunting to hunt virtually anywhere on the riverbed to look for jewelry and coins that were lost by swimmers during the time that the river had running water.  The club voted to approve this recommendation so our August club hunt will be on August 26th at the Kingsland Slab beginning at 8:00 a.m.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email or by phone at 936-334-7902.

Under "Other new business" a question was posed about getting club T-shirts.  Gary Goolsby and I were both wearing the T-shirts that we had made for the Treasure Show that was put on in Llano in 2022.  A number of the newer members were interested in obtaining shirts for themselves.  Tom Ashworth will, in the next couple of days, set up a poll on this website where anyone interested in T-shirts can state your name, the number of shirts you want, and the size(s) of shirts you want.  In the meantime, Tom Ashworth and Gary Goolsby will check around with the area printers to see where the best deal can be found.  The members present indicated their desire that if the current number of shirts being ordered are less in number to the minimum number required by the printer, then the club should order enough to make up for the shortage and sell those shirts to newer members who join up in the future.  In the September meeting we will know who wants shirts and where we can get them so we can do a final vote on whether to order shirts under the club's name or have the interested members order them from the printer directly.

We had a great speaker this time.  Larry Vickers, who is partners with Scott Hengel, has been a dealer for many, many years.  Larry explained to us how metal detectors began and how they developed over the years to how they work, in general, today.  This was a very good talk, and we certainly appreciate Larry coming out to be with us yesterday.  By the way, anyone who is interested in purchasing a metal detector or gear can contact Larry or Scott at Vickers Metal Detectors, Inc., 4249 FM 466, Cost, TX 78614, phone (512) 645-6256.  

Also remember that Earl Theiss, who is located in Kingsland, is a dealer as well.  You can contact Earl at etheiss@verizon.net.

We wrapped the meeting up with our Show and Tell and the Raffle.  A number of interesting items were handed out during the Raffle.  Remember, if you have anything you think would be of interest, we encourage you to donate the item(s) at the next meeting for the Raffle.  Once we get our raffle fund built up enough, we will start buying nice items to be included in future raffles.

To close I hope to see a number of our members at the Kingsland Slab on August 26th at 8:00 a.m.  

Gary Bunyard, President