Good morning fellow club members.  Remember that our August club meeting is this coming Saturday, August 5th, at 10:00 a.m. in the large meeting room of the Kingsland Library.  The Agenda for this meeting is as follows:

Item 1    Approval of the July meeting minutes as posted on website.

Item 2   Approval of the Treasurer's report as posted on website.

Item 3   Events Committee report  

Item 4    Discussion of the July club hunt

Item 5    Club Hunt Committee Report and determination of the August club hunt

Item 6    Other new business

Item 7    Speaker:  Larry Vickers speaking on various metal detectors 

Item 8    Show and tell

Item 9    Raffle

Please note that Larry Vickers is a dealer who has been in business for many, many years.  For anyone who is interested in a new detector Larry will not only be able to give you guidance on which brand and model would best fit your needs, but he can either sell you something he has in stock or he can order something for you.  Also, you will see I have added a category of "Other new business" in the agenda.  This is for anyone to bring up any topic that you want to talk about that is not specifically listed in the agenda.

In regard to the July meeting minutes, our secretary was not present at that meeting and I do not know if we had an official substitute present.  If no one submits a proposed set of minutes then we will consider my Club Newsletter that described the July meeting as the July meeting minutes for this specific month.  We will need our Treasurer to post the Treasurer's report on the website before Friday.

By the way, I had new business cards made up.  My old cards had the old meeting date and time.  The new cards lists the website and the email address and tells folks to refer to the website for information on meeting dates and times.   The cards do show my name as president but they are available for you to pick up some at the meeting to have if you come across someone interested in metal detecting.   

Any questions, comments feel free to contact me by email or by phone (936) 334-7902.

Gary Bunyard, President