Hey all.  Just wanted to remind everyone that we have a club hunt this Saturday, September 30th, starting at 8:00 a.m. at the Llano County Park which is located next to Black Rock Park, 3400 Hwy 261, Buchanan Dam.  The entrance to the Llano County Park is just past Black Rock.  Look for the sign saying Public Boat Ramp on the right about a block past the Black Rock entrance.  The weather should be dry and mild during the morning although the temperature will be rising close to noon.  There is a large area available to hunt since the lake level is down to the point that the boat ramp is closed.  Some folks with smaller jon boats will drive to the water's edge in the area where we will be hunting to launch their jon boats.  If this occurs just let those folks have the space.  Most of those folks will launch and then drive back to the parking area.  Last year I recovered a fair amount of jewelry from this location as it was the swimming area before the lake dropped so low.  Still there is so much area that it will not be hunted out.  Come see what you can recover.