Hey folks, here is the meeting agenda for our club meeting coming up this Saturday, October 7th, starting at 10:00 a.m.

ITEM 1 Approval of minutes of September 2, 2023, meeting (posted on website)
ITEM 2 Approval of Treasurer’s Report (posted on website)
ITEM 3 Events Committee Report
ITEM 4 Discussion regarding both of the September club hunts.
ITEM 5 Club Hunt Committee Report and determination of an October Club Hunt. 
ITEM 6 Other new business if any (open for any topic that anyone may want to discuss).
ITEM 7 Speaker: Earl Theiss speaking on How To Find History With a Metal Detector.
ITEM 8 Show and Tell time for October meeting (Items described now and will be available for personal viewing after the raffle)
ITEM 9 Raffle
We still need donations for the raffle.  Our raffle balance is getting close to where we can start using that money to buy good things to be included in the raffle.  If you have items that you no longer need and are willing to donate them, just bring them along to the meeting.  Just a thought, if you want to bring cookies or donuts to be included in the raffle, I am sure they will be a hit.  
On another note, our officers' elections will be held at our December meeting.  I have had a great time as your President; however, I have recently taken on more duties in an organization called Hill Country Cats which is focused on trapping stray and feral cats, having them spayed/neutered, and then releasing them back where they were originally trapped.  I am the Secretary for HCC but I will also be taking on some duties that another board member has been doing but will retire from the board in November.  Unfortunately, I cannot devote the time as an officer in both groups so I will need to hand over the reins as President of Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club to some new blood.  Please keep this in mind as our elections approach.  I will be able to remain a member of our club and participate both in attending meetings and club hunts.  I will also continue to do personal hunts and post a review of my finds.  You may have noticed that I have not been posting finds all that much recently.  This is due to the preparations that are ongoing for the HCC board member's resignation.  That board member did a lot for HCC and her duties have to be restructured so that 3 members can take over what that one board member has been doing.