Well everyone.  This is my last newsletter post.  We have a new leader.

We had a very good meeting.  There was 17 in attendance.  The members present elected Earl Theiss as President, Tom Ashworth as Vice President, Gary Goolsby as Treasurer, and Peggy Theiss as Secretary.  Once the elections were concluded I turned the meeting over to Earl.  Earl invited any and all comments regarding what we want to see regarding how the club is managed and how the meetings are managed.  There were several good thoughts mentioned by the members present and our new leaders will be mulling over these suggestions as well as any that are presented in the future.  By the way, those who will be serving in the Events Committee and in the Club Hunt Committee will be elected in the January meeting.

Earl pointed out that in order to get good speakers to come to our meetings we will have to either compensate them for their travel expenses and/or buy them lunch as a thank you gesture.  Other modest expenses may come up as the club goes forward with implementing the suggestions made by the membership.  With this in mind, the membership attending voted to increase the local club dues from $5 per year to $10 per year.  As we also pay $5 per year for membership in the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs our new combined annual membership dues will be $15.00 for 2024 and future years.  The dues for 2024 are now due.  You can pay the dues to Gary Goolsby during the January meeting or you can pay using the button on this website.  Anyone wanting to pay by mail can send a check in the amount of $15.00 payable to the Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club to Gary Goolsby, 833 Lookout Mountain Road, Kingsland, TX 78639.   Please note that if you want to receive a membership card you will need to be present at the meeting.

We had a great potluck lunch which was put together by the Events Committee with everyone attending bringing tasty food from chili to sandwiches, veggies, and desserts.

The meeting was ended with a very good raffle.  A lot of interesting prizes were given out to those with winning tickets but the grand prize of the metal detector package went to Gary Goolsby.  Congratulations, Gary.  By the way, starting with the January meeting, you will need to put your name and phone number on the back of all of the raffle tickets that you purchase.  All tickets that are not pulled from the barrel during that meeting will be saved.  The same will go for all raffles through November 2024.  Then, during the December raffle the tickets that have been saved throughout the year will be jumbled and will give everyone another chance to win a prize.   As we did this year, all proceeds from the ticket sales will be used to buy one or more very nice prizes for the December raffle.

There will be no club hunt this month due to holiday schedules but you can still get out and hunt on your own or pair up with a buddy.  If you want your finds posted on this website just send a photo of the finds and a brief description of your hunt to either Tom Ashworth or myself and we will post your hunt.

I want to thank everyone for allowing me the privilege of being the club president for the past few years.  I have enjoyed working with everyone in that capacity.  I know Earl will do a great job as president.  Unfortunately I have a scheduling conflict on the date of our January meeting so for the first time in several years I will miss a meeting.  Earl, I hope you can keep us apprised of how that meeting goes so that those of us who cannot attend will know about the January club hunt.

Well, that's all folks.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Gary Bunyard