Hey folks.   I just heard from Dan Lynch.   The leadership of the Genesis Lutheran Church, 15946 E Hwy 29, Buchanan Dam, has given the ok for us to conduct a club hunt on the church grounds on October 29th starting at 8:30 a.m.   We will meet up with Dan when we arrive and he will let us know where we can and cannot hunt on the property.   As Dan explained when he first suggested this property is quite large.  According to the Llano CAD records, the main church building is located on a 3 acre lot.  Behind the church building is about 14 acres that has 3 smaller structures and the rest is unimproved what I would call pasture land.   There is what looks to be a dirt circular road that goes around the front half of the back 14 acres.   As far as we know this is virgin ground for metal detecting.   There is what appears to be a creek toward the back of the back lot going all the way across the back lot.   The church acquired the property in 1996.
Attached are copies of the CAD map of the property.  The front part shows the main church building lot along with a 1 acre strip at the back that connects the front 3 acres with the back part.  The back part shows the back 13 acres.
We are not going to get to cover all of what we may want to cover during this hunt.  As long as we are respectful to the land I would hope that the church leadership will allow us to return at a later date.
Please note that Dan Lynch will be with us for about 2 hours after which Dan will have to leave for a family function.   While Dan is on site, we will have access to the church restrooms if needed.  Once Dan leaves the church building will be closed.
The location of this church is on Hwy 29 in Buchanan Dam.   I would do a rough guess and say it is about a mile East of the intersection of Hwy 1431 and Hwy 29.  It is not difficult to locate and entry is directly on Hwy 29.   If you have any problems locating the church or if you have any questions feel free to call me at 936-334-7902.