Despite the lower attendance we had a rather good meeting. We even had a new member join us. Let’s give a welcome to Lynn Thorp.

As you know we put the June meeting minutes and the treasurer’s report on the website this time so that our members could review them before this meeting. As we previously discussed this saved us from having to read the minutes and treasurer’s report. I called each for discussion or comment and no one had any comment or discussion for either document. The club then approved the June meeting minutes and the treasurer’s report by unanimous vote.

Next I explained that Gary Goolsby and I did open a checking account with IBC Bank in Marble Falls. Once Gary Goolsby returns from his vacation trip he will work with Tom Ashworth to have our checking account linked to the PayPal account associated with our website. Once that happens the $30 of membership dues being held by PayPal will be transferred into the checking account.

For Item 4 Debra Ashworth gave the Events Committee Report. The Committee (Betty Goolsby) has contacted Ocean’s Edge Hotel in Port Aransas and negotiated rates for rooms for anyone who wants to go to Port Aransas for a club hunt there in September. If you want to go and stay at the Ocean’s Edge Hotel you would need to call the hotel and talk to Amanda to make your own reservations. For members of AARP the rate for 2 nights is $276.96 and for those who are not members of AARP the rate is $291.54. It is suggested that you tell the reservation agent (Amanda) that you are with the Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club so that the rooms would be closer together. The hotel’s phone number is (301) 749-6427. Tom and Debra Ashworth will be making an Air BnB reservation so that they can bring their dogs with them. Anyone who prefers to make accommodations through Air BnB are welcome to do so. Tom reports that Air BnB rates are generally less than hotel rates. If you prefer to bring an R/V or camper trailer you are welcome to do that as well. The Committee is targeting two weekends in September and over the next couple of meetings will be taking votes from those who want to go. The first weekend under consideration is September 8-10. The other weekend is September 15-17. The reason that the Committee is recommending the Ocean’s Edge Hotel for those who want to stay in a hotel is that this hotel allows cancellation up to 2 days before check-in. This is important so that if it is getting close to the check-in date and a storm is bearing down on that area you can cancel your reservation without a penalty.

Those who came to the June club hunt at the Kingsland Slab were Tom Ashworth, David Montgomery, Robert Kamenzind, and Earl Theiss. Tom recovered a number of coins, including one or more wheat pennies I believe he said, two chains, one of which is 14k gold, and 4 silver rings, one of which he sold to a bystander. Tom displayed some of these items on the show and tell table.

The Hunt Committee is still in the process of setting up a July club hunt. They are awaiting notification from Hubert Jackson if we can get access to detect on the Burnet rodeo grounds on July 29th. If access is granted I will let you know. If not the Hunt Committee will determine an alternate site and will let us know.

Tom Ashworth gave an informative talk on cleaning of the finds. He brought tumblers and a vibration tool, along with cleaning media, and explained each method. Tom showed photos of coins in the condition he found them in the ground and then displayed the same coins after cleaning.

Following Tom’s show and tell of his club hunt finds the Events Committee (Debra Ashworth) held the club raffle. I won a cool lock-blade pocket knife, a DVD on gold panning, and an NRA duffle bag. Our newest member, Lynn Thorp, won a very nice Leche T-handle 36"shovel (gently used). Our raffle raised $40 which will be held as a separate line item. The raffle funds will be used to acquire nicer items for our future raffles as well as for other purposes to benefit the club.

I look forward to seeing you at the club hunt as well as the August club meeting. In the mean time stay cool, safe, and have a great time with those detectors.

Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me by email or by phone (936) 334-7902.

Gary Bunyard, President