Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club

June Club Hunt

I am told that there was a small turnout at the Kingsland Slab last Saturday.  Tom Ashworth, David Montgomery, Earl Theiss, and Richard (last name not listed) were present.  Karen Graham showed up early but had to leave as she was not feeling well.  Tom recovered 4 rings, two necklaces, and a number of coins.  One of the necklaces is 14k gold.  Three of the rings are silver.  Apparently there was a bystander that admired one of the rings so Tom sold it to the bystander for $50.  I have not received word as to what the others recovered.  Hopefully we will get to see some of the finds at the meeting on Saturday.

I also received an email from David Montgomery describing how a fellow posted on Facebook that he lost his wedding ring in Lake Buchanan last Saturday.  David's sister saw the post and contacted David.  David got in touch with the guy who lost the ring.  Needless to say that David was able to find the ring and return it to the owner.  Check out this link:  Dylan lost his wedding ring in Buchanan Lake on... - David Montgomery | Facebook