This post has been delayed and I apologize.  On March 6, 7, and 12, I did a hunt of the rodeo arena in Llano by permission.  Bear in mind that permission is not required and I hunt the front and back parking areas without asking but I do ask for the actual arena as they have to prepare the ground for various upcoming events and it is important that the ground not be disturbed until after the event once it has been prepared.

Anyway, I recovered a lot of stuff, some good, some not so good, and some AMAZING.
In picture 1 I show the coins and tack decorations, 2 horse shoe nails, the remains of 2 9mm shell casings and 1 .44 Mag shell casing, what appears to be a .223 caliber bullet, and a very mangled .45 Auto bullet, and a plastic whiskey bottle that was right by where the bull riders get ready for release on the bucking bulls and horses.  I guess the rider needed some fortification to be able to ride that bull.   In picture 2 I show all of the bolts, nuts, screws, clamps, and just plain old junk I recovered.  Remember all of this is from where the horses and cattle are raced, pranced, and bronked before an audience.  I hate to think what would happen if an animal got jabbed in the hoof with a rider on board.  That could really mess with a barrel racer's final time.  Many of the animals are worth some big bucks and the owner can not afford to have the animal go lame in competition.
Of particular note one of the coins is a 2004 10 pence from England.  One of the very first coins I found on this hunt series is a BUFFALO nickel.  Unfortunately the area where the date should be is so worn I can not see a date at all.  All in all I recovered 9 quarters, 9 dimes, 6 nickels, and 34 pennies.  You can tell that most of the zinc pennies have been in the ground so long that they are mangled beyond use in trade.  These I set aside and once I accumulate 20 pounds or more I will send them to the US Mint who will trade them for usable coins.
A couple of the tack decorations appear to be solid copper.  Note the tiny pin in the shape of Texas.  Not shown in the photos are the pieces of a total of 6 keys I recovered.  Of all of the items I recovered, the manager of the facility wanted to keep the key pieces.   All in all I had a great time.
Remember our next club meeting is on Saturday, April 1st, at the Kingsland Library starting at 10:00 a.m.  While we voted to move to the large meeting room, due to a previous commitment by the library, we will be meeting in the small meeting room this month and in May.
Questions or comments feel free to contact me.
Gary Bunyard, President