Hey folks.  I know I have not posted finds in a while, however, I am collectively posting all of my May hunt finds in this post.  The locations of my hunts are my usual spots, city and county parks, schools, and the arena and parking area of the rodeo complex.  As Tom Ashworth knows, XP has recently did a software update for the Deus II.  I will let Tom speak for himself but I am finding that the latest update is great.  Still have some learning to do but that is to be expected.  As you can see I recovered 11 quarters, 10 dimes, 1 nickel, 33 pennies, a JAMES AVERY silver ring, a nice necklace which I found at the Llano Elementary School tot lot, and the charm bracelet with charms which those who were at the April meeting saw at the show and tell session.  I have put notices out on Llano Rant and Raves, NextDoor, and I emailed the school principal trying to see if I can return the necklace.  So far no one has contacted me about the charm bracelet or the necklace.  This necklace is not solid gold but I have no doubt it is gold plate.  While not fine jewelry it is not a cheap costume item.  When you see it at tomorrow's meeting you will see what a nice piece this necklace is.

05 2023 Personal Hunts by Gary Bunyard