Hi Folks.  I had a good time at the property location that Tom Ashworth arranged for us in Burnet.  With all of the history that Tom gave us regarding the property I seemed to find car parts, bailing wire, and other bits of cast off artifacts.  The most interesting item I recovered was a vintage automobile tail light.  It was close to a foot deep and it took a LOT of cleaning.  The only markings I could find were imprinted on the red part of the lens "GUIDE XI-54" at the top and "Suidex" at the bottom.  After a bit of research I found a photo of the back of a 1954 Chevrolet which had the exact same tail light.  Wow, that car was build in the year I was born.  In a different area of the lot I recovered the top from an automotive brake fluid reservoir.  The only coin I recovered was a 1974 penny.  I will bring the tail light to our next meeting.  Thanks Tom for getting us on this lot.