Our meeting began at 10:00, and we were so pleased that we had 20 people in attendance!  Gary Bunyard, our president, welcomed everyone warmly and shared how to get on our website and become a new member.
Gary Goolsby read the treasurer's report. We have $1,203.42 in our bank account.
Next the events committee was asked to make a report on our upcoming trip to Port Aransas.  At this time, 5 members were planning to go, and I understand that Earl and Peggy are planning on joining everyone from their getaway home on the bay.  Deb Ashworth has planned a wonderful schedule of restaurants and fun, and Tom has the hunts and interesting things to do.  We wish them metal detecting success and happy times on their adventures in the Gulf.
We discussed the hunt at the Slab the previous week.  It was mostly hot with a few finds, but we suspected other detectors had beaten, us to the area when the water got so low.  We were glad to have cleared the Slab of junk, trash, pop-tops etc.
Gary mentioned that the Highlander Newspaper had stopped advertising our club meetings and news.  We need to find new ways to tell all our surrounding communities about the club and our upcoming activities.
Platinum Diamond Ring

Platinum Diamond Ring Tom Recovered

A woman called Tom Ashworth to help her find a lost $4000 diamond ring.  He was able to find the lost ring in 15 minutes.  He shared some of his other finds for lost jewelry...so cool!  He also shared how to save an iPhone that had been submerged in a river.  There was also a warning to everyone about the bacteria that is in Lake LBJ because the water has become so stagnant.  It is dangerous to people and animals alike, so soap and rinse off well if you enter the water.
As far as the club hunt, we are all concerned that the lack of rain has made the soil incredibly hard and difficult to dig.  There are possibilities of heading to Black Rock County Park, near Buchanan Dam.  They decided to try to meet there on September 30 at 8:00.  We also discussed an old lot in Burnet that we may try.  Bluffton was also mentioned, an old ghost town, but we were warned about being respectful.  We are hoping for cooler Fall weather soon so everyone will be more apt to get out and detect.
We discussed the purchase of more yellow T-shirts.  The price is pretty high, but we will get a price break if we order at least 30 shirts...we had a head count of 14 shirts at this time.  The Llano shop has the best prices in this area.
For Show and Tell, Gary Bunyard shared his many finds from Badu Park, including rings, costume jewelry, earrings, a Sacagawea $1.00 coin, and his invitation to detect in the rodeo arena.
We also discussed how the April solar eclipse would be an opportunity to go where the crowds had gathered to see this event.  Tom Ashworth helped to teach us about coils for detecting above ground and in the water, and the different settings to help discriminate the many metals.  He also reminded us to go slow and swing wide to get the best results.
We ended our meeting with a great raffle, making about $90 for the club to use for future items for the raffle.  The meeting ended at about noon...it was great seeing everyone and sharing stories!
Respectfully submitted by Betty Goolsby