On 03/30 and 03/31 I did a second sweep of the Llano rodeo arena following the Senior Pro Rodeo (2 days) and a barrel racing event.  I recovered my very first John F Kennedy Half Dollar (1983).   Based on the location (staging area) I suspect that it was one of the prize coins that was salted in the staging area for the 2022 Treasure Show kids' hunt and was not found by the kids.  If that is not the case then a rodeo participant has lost his/her lucky half dollar.   I also recovered 9 quarters, 8 dimes, 2 nickels, 8 pennies, 1 concho from a saddle or bridle, 1 blade broken off one of the ground prepping machines, a part of another blade broken off a different ground prepping machine, 2 blue jeans waistband buttons (one "Tuff Cowgirl"), a broken piece of a concho, the blade from a key, a broken back portion of a toy car (found under the bleachers), part of a small buckle, 2 light bulb bases, a broken part off a bridle, 3 spent bullets, and two pistol cartridge brass.   The .45 caliber bullet I found was packed in dirt that had been packed in a horse's hoof cavity created by the horseshoe and then thrown or dropped off the hoof.  This means that the horse was walking or running with that bullet packed under its hoof for at least a short time.  Also recovered was a part of an aluminum name plate from something.  The name of the animal or owner starts with "Hum" and the address begins with "1911 Cheyen".  The town being "Sugarl" and the phone number having an area code of "512" would mean the town is Sugarland, Texas.   I also recovered a large number of nuts, bolts, screws, and other broken and scrap metal.
Considering what I recovered in the first sweep and what I recovered from this sweep, a lot of people have dropped a lot of coins in this rather small area.
Looking forward to seeing at least most of you at the meeting tomorrow.

Gary Bunyard