Hello everyone....

We had a bang up meeting yesterday.  We had 17 in attendance, one of which was there as a guest who had seen our writeup in the magazine and had been trying to find time to come to a meeting to check us out.  After approving the minutes for the September meeting and the Treasurer's Report, Tom Ashworth spoke on the Port Aransas trip.  Then we had discussion on the club hunt at the Llano County Park.  Several attendees brought their more interesting finds from the county park hunt which were on the Show and Tell table along with items that Tom Ashworth recovered in Port Aransas.   Due to scheduling issues Tom Ashworth had (he was very busy recovering lost items for people), the Club Hunt Committee did not have a recommendation for the October club hunt.  However, Dan Lynch and I pointed out that Granite Shoals is putting on a very big festival event at Quarry Park this weekend.  After a short discussion it was decided that the October Club Hunt will be held at the Quarry Park in Granite Shoals.  However, the date and time of the club hunt will be announced in a post from the Club Hunt Committee on this website in the next few days.  For our speaker we had Earl Theiss who gave a very informative PowerPoint presentation on How To Find History With A Metal Detector.  Personally, I learned a lot from this presentation about using a metal detector to search old structures for items hidden in the attic, in walls and cabinets, under the floor, under the house, and in basements.  As mentioned earlier, our Show and Tell table was rather full with the finds brought by a number of attendees.  Finally, we had a very good raffle with some interesting items that were donated, including a metal detector.  We raised $80 for the raffle fund.

As usual, if you have any questions or if you have any topics you would like to see brought up in the next meeting send me an email at gary.w.bunyard@gmail.com or call me at (936) 334-7902.

Gary Bunyard, President