Wow, we had a great meeting yesterday.  First, we had 20 in attendance, 4 of which started as guests but then joined the club at the end.  A big welcome to Debbie Young, Kevin Fuqua, Susan Fuqua, and Brenda Weems.

After getting through the technical topics (approval of minutes and treasurer's report), Betty Goolsby gave the report for the Events Committee, speaking on the upcoming trip to Port Aransas on the weekend of September 15th.  By the way, the Events Committee provided some yummy muffins and drinks for refreshments.  Then several members who were at the August hunt at the Kingsland Slab described their finds.  Tom Ashworth met a member of another area club and learned that the Killeen Metal Detecting Club had recently conducted a club hunt at the Kingsland slab which helped to explain the meager finds by our club members (one member did find a $1 Sacagawea coin).   Still, those in attendance had a good time except for Dan Lynch who experienced an equipment malfunction (broken bracket) which is being repaired by Garrett under warranty.

The Club Hunt Committee, represented by Tom Ashworth, recommended that we hold our local club hunt at the Llano County Park, on Texas 261, Buchanan Dam (next to Black Rock Park, 3400 Texas 261, Buchanan Dam), on September 30th at 8:00 a.m.  The benefit of this location is that there is a large area available to be hunted, including a substantial amount of recently exposed lakebed where folks had been swimming while there was water over that area.  Also, there is a lot of area between the newly exposed lakebed and the original shoreline which is still going to hold coins and jewelry despite as much as I and Tom have already recovered.

At this point I made three announcements.  First, I informed the club that the Highlander had recently changed their criteria for their "Let's Be Brief" column and as such our club announcement no longer qualified to be published in that column.  However, the editor informed me that they hope to establish a different column, perhaps starting in November, that will accommodate nonprofit announcements such as ours.  The next announcement was where I recognized Tom Ashworth, David Montgomery, and Earl Theiss who was able to come to the rescue of a woman who had lost her $4k wedding ring while swimming at Sunrise Beach.  Tom also recently located a lady's lost IPhone and that the lady followed Tom's instructions and the phone is now working again.  Tom also described for us his upcoming appointments to search for other lost articles, both land and water searches.

We had a short Show and Tell session as I was the only one to bring items for display.  Following the Show and Tell time, we had what I thought was an excellent session where anyone was able to ask questions about any aspect of metal detecting.   The questions posed were very good.  During this time Tom Ashworth demonstrated several aspects of metal detector settings such as sensitivity and notching.   As I mentioned, if anyone of this membership or anyone who is interested in metal detecting has a question or comment about any aspect of metal detectors or metal detecting feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If I cannot answer your question, I can get you in touch with Tom Ashworth or someone else who can give you an answer.

We wrapped up the meeting with our Raffle session.  A lot of interesting items were given out in the drawing, including two bottles of wine and two sand scoops which, as I understand, might be going to the Port Aransas hunt.

I wish to thank everyone in attendance for making this a very successful meeting and I hope everyone there had a good time.  If anyone wants to comment about how the meetings are going, maybe you have a suggestion to make the meetings better or you think something is not going so well, please let me know.

Hope to see you at the Llano County Park on September 30th.

Gary Bunyard, President