Hey one and all.....

We had a GREAT meeting this morning.  First of all, we had 21 attendees.  That is the first time we broke 20 at a meeting for as long as I have been a member.

Earl Theiss announced that Larry Vickers will be hosting a Treasure Show at the John L. Kuykendall Event Center in Llano.    This is the same location as where the 2022 Treasure Show was held.   The dates are tentatively set for March 22nd through March 24th of 2024.  We anticipate there will be a seeded hunt as part of the show.  However more details are to come later, including the cost space for a display table.  We did well at our table the last time, so we really need to have a table this time if at all possible.  The show is to be focused solely on treasure hunting (metal detecting, gold panning, etc.) so there will be no tables or displays involving arts and crafts or other non-related topics that will divert attention away from the metal detecting tables or money from buying raffle tickets at the metal detecting tables.  

Gary Goolsby had the shirts that we ordered and those who attended who had ordered shirts were able to pick them up.  If you ordered a shirt but could not come to this meeting be sure to mark your calendar for December 2nd which will be our December meeting.  If you just cannot make it to a meeting, please contact Gary Goolsby at 325-248-1950 to arrange to get the shirt(s) that you ordered.  We did order several extra shirts so if you did not order a shirt, but you would like one or more you can buy as many as you want at the December meeting or again, call Gary Goolsby.

As of this meeting we have collected a total of $376 in raffle ticket sales.  The club voted to use this money to purchase a really nice item for the December raffle.  

The Events Committee announced that at the December meeting there will be a potluck luncheon.  A list of food items was set out and people were asked to put their names in the food category that they wanted to bring to the meeting.  The dessert category is now full.  There is still room for sandwiches, and I believe salads/veggies as well.  Please contact Betty Goolsby at 832-689-3340 to see what type of foods are still needed.   I understand that there will be at least one type of soup there.

Kudos to Tom Ashworth for bringing Scott Wilkins and his friend, Scott.  These guys gave a great talk on metal detecting in England and to just be able to hold the items they brought for us to see, some of which were thousands of years old, was awesome.  One item that was just mind blowing was a bronze axe head that was made and used in the Bronze Age, which was from 3300 BC to 1200 BC.  So that means that this very axe head was made and used over 1,000 years before the birth of Jesus.  And to think that these guys took their metal detectors out onto a farm field in England that has been plowed year after year by a farmer and then on that particular trip they got the hit on the detector, dug it up, and now we got the pleasure of being able to see and to hold it in our very own hands.  How amazing is that?  Anyway, what stories Scott and Scott did tell.

No, I did not forget about the November club hunt.  The Club Hunt Committee is still researching and will announce the date, time, and location of the November club hunt on this website in the very near future.

Remember, we will be electing new officers at the December meeting.  

As always, any questions, comments, or issues?  Let me know by email at gary.w.bunyard@gmail.com or by phone at 936-334-7902.

Gary Bunyard, President (for now)