Hey folks.  I just got a call from Robert K. He contacted the Ocean's Edge Hotel at Port Aransas.  Robert told me that they did not want to honor the rate that Betty Goolsby quoted to us, apparently because we did not put in our reservations back when Betty called.  They quoted Robert $180 a night which would be $360 for the weekend.  However, Robert told them that he was not going to stay with them for the $180 a night rate.  When he said that the representative backed down and agreed to give Robert and his wife a room for the rate quoted to Betty.  I say this because if you are planning to go to Port Aransas for the September club hunt and you want to stay at the Ocean's Edge Hotel you need to call them right away and if they balk about the $276.96 rate (Friday and Saturday combined) that was quoted to Betty just tell them that they have already given a room to another club member for that rate and if they still want to charge the higher rate tell them that you will find other accommodations, perhaps an Air BnB, unless they are willing to book you for the $276.96 rate.  If you still are having problems with the hotel contact Betty Goolsby at bggoolsby@hotmail.com.  The main thing is contact the hotel NOW.  The sooner the better.

Gary Bunyard, President