Hey, hey, hey......

Just a reminder that our November meeting is this Saturday, November 4th, starting at 10:00 a.m.  This meeting will be held at the Herman Brown Free Library, 100 E Washington, Burnet.  Since the library does not open until 10:00 a.m. if you get there before the main door opens just go around the corner of the building and enter in the side door which is on the Main Street side.   This will be a very good meeting because of our VERY SPECIAL guest speaker, Scott Wilkins.  Scott goes to England each year to metal detect at private permission locations.  Scott will show us a video of his exploits and he will have some very special and very rare objects for us to see that he personally recovered in his trips to England.  Let's show Scott how much we appreciate him coming to speak with us by having the best attendance this club has ever seen.  I know that some of our members who used to come to our meetings when they were on Tuesday evenings have not been attending due to scheduling conflicts when we switched to Saturday.  Paul, Karen, David and Debra, Ron, and all of you.  Is it possible that you can make the effort to come to this very special meeting?  We would love to see you once more.

Unfortunately, the Herman Brown Free Library does not allow food and drink in its meeting room so there will be no refreshments at this meeting.  This is not a decision of the Events Committee.

If you have recovered anything you think would be of interest, you are encouraged to bring it for Show and Tell.

As you know, I will be "retiring" as the club president at the end of this year.  I have just learned that Betty Goolsby will also be "retiring" as secretary.   You need to start thinking about who you want as the new president and the new secretary since our elections will occur during the December meeting on December 2nd.   One thing we should discuss at this coming meeting is whether we want to allow members who will not be present at the December meeting to vote for the officers by proxy.

As always, if you have any questions or comments just contact me by email gary.w.bunyard@gmail.com or by phone (936) 334-7902.

Gary Bunyard, President (for now)   Uh.... do this make me a lame duck?