Hey all....

Tom Ashworth has gone over the top and found us a very special speaker for the November club meeting.  Mr. Scott Wilkins has agreed to speak to us about his adventures in metal detecting in the United Kingdom.  While Scott lives in the US, he takes annual trips to England to hunt locations, with permission, where he has recovered very, very old coins.  I am talking about the hammered coins from the Roman and Greek eras.  We will be seeing some examples of these coins at the meeting and Scott will show us a video of some of his work.  Mark down the 1st Saturday of November at 10:00 a.m. and come join us to see Scott and his bag of goodies.  You can check Scott out at Metal Detecting England for Ancient Treasure and More - YouTube

The BIG, BIG problem is that the large meeting room at the Kingsland Library is reserved for the November early voting.  This means we have to find a substitute venue and FAST.  We need to be able to seat 20 or more people and have access to electrical outlets so that Scott can plug in his TV and his computer.  Tom and I are working on a couple of possibilities but if you have a suggestion send me an email to gary.w.bunyard@gmail.com.  We need to pin down the venue by Wednesday if possible.

Another announcement:   Although we originally planned to have our October club hunt at Quarry Park in Granite Shoals, Tom Ashworth and David Montgomery have secured for us a very special hunt location.  It is a cattle ranch of about 100 acres in total with the main house having been built in the 1830s.  The property was acquired by the ancestors of the current owner who still lives there.  The ranch is situated along the Llano River in Llano County.  I will be sending out directions and maps in a couple of days.  The property owner has agreed to let us keep anything we find with the exception of heirloom jewelry that may have been lost by one of the ancestors.  This means that old wheaties, old silver coins, silverware, and artifacts that we recover are ours to keep.  The problem is that the property owner leases the property for deer hunting so we have to conduct our hunt this coming weekend.  The property owner is a late riser, so we are looking to start the hunt a little later than normal.  So, folks, mark your calendar for the club hunt to be on October 21st starting at 10:00 a.m.  Again, I will send you details of the location and directions tomorrow or Tuesday.   We will look forward to be hunting the Quarry Park in November.

As always, questions or comments, send me an email at gary.w.bunyard@gmail.com or call me at 936-334-7902.

Gary Bunyard, President