Debra and I had a great vacation trip to St. Augustine, Florida, to visit some old friends. Unfortunately, with my new knee surgery being on a few weeks before the trip, I couldn’t metal detect for long periods. As a result, my knee would be in a lot of pain after two hours of walking on the beaches.

I detected Valvano, St. Augustine, and Crescent beaches. But, unfortunately, the sand was really deep, so all I was finding were newer targets. That was disappointing. I was hoping for beaches torn up after the hurricanes in late November.

I found one mercury dime, five clad quarters, six clad dimes, 13 pennies, five nickels, two unknown coins (need to clean), a gold pendant of some sort, an alien pin, one silver / turquoise ring, and one sterling silver and opal starfish necklace.

We had a great time and enjoyed our vacation to Florida.