WOW - Yesterday, I had an awesome hunt using the XP Deus 2 WS6 Master.  I was using a modified deep high conductor program.

I went to the area behind Burnet Convention Center, where I found all the new coins.  Unfortunately, the older coins (Good Stuff) were found in a place that I did a lot of research on and never got to hunt yet.  I plan on returning, so I will keep that one to myself for now.

I found 14 memorial pennies, four modern nickels, three clad dimes, 6 Wheat Pennies, one old nickel, 2 "V" nickels, 1 Steel Penny, 1 Indian Head Penny, one gold earring stud, one silver ring, one old knife, and four old foreign coins (Mexican, Canadian and India)

The oldest was an 1898 "V" nickel.   Also, the other "V" Nickel was from 1907.   Although a 1905 Indian Head was a good find, I haven't found an Indian head in a long time.

My favorite was a target I almost didn't dig because the Deus 2 was reading very low 43 and gave an iron signal.   That was a 1943D Steel Penny.