Minutes of July meeting


Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club Minutes

July 6, 2024

12 present

Previous minutes approved with a motion made by Tom and 2nd by Gary B.  Motion carried.

Treasury Report:  $1639.02 in our account including $739.49 from raffles. Motion to approve made by Tom and 2nd by Gary B.  Motion carried

Old Business: The Burnet Rodeo Grounds hunt went well. 8 attendees. Several items found from coins to a ring. Items were on display at the meeting. No members attended the Treasure Show in Hearn. Tom mentioned his facebook was deleted and is in the process of setting up new accounts.

New Business: Gypsy Jewels will have a presentation sometime in November in Canton, TX for more info get with Tom or Earl. Next meeting will be August 3, at the Kingsland Library at usual time. Tom will be presiding over the meeting in Earl’s absence and Betty G. will be recording minutes.

Our presentation for this 4th of July weekend was an open forum of discussion. We are looking for speakers with interesting & helpful topics to discuss and our ways to accommodate them and their travels. Any one know of someone, let us know. Dan L. opened the discussion by mentioning his AT Max and interference from fences. Suggestions were made by Tom , Gary B. and others on ways to help in this situation including ground balancing close to the fence, learning the difference in tones, adjusting sensitivity and using a smaller coil. Rick B. brought up an idea to have a meeting including emergency medical procedures for use in remote, outdoor situations. This would be helpful to our members to be aware of since most hunts are in this type of terrain. This could include info on what to do in case of snake bites, slips, falls, cuts and heat exhaustion. All these types of incidents could occur on any of our hunts. Earl speaks of the composition of older metals and newer metal and the difference in sounds. Tom was imitating the different sounds for different materials and also discussing lidar systems, and the USGS site for lidar maps. Some discussion on old foundations being constructed of blocks instead of pier & beam. Knowing the minerals in certain ecosystems will help in metal detecting an area. Suggestions were made for different types of research to locate a metal detecting area, including books, libraries, universities or local history museums and of course locals who are aware of the area’s history and people. Books written by Thomas P. Terry were mentioned as a good resource, these are hard to find. A handheld scanner can be a good tool to have while doing research. Cindy mentioned hunting on LCRA lands, there is a letter on the website noting procedures for this. No hunting on LCRA lands but hunting in the water around them is fine, just be aware not to get on their land with metal detecting equipment in your procession.

Raffles were done. Good prizes won.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25.

Respectfully Submitted

Peggy Theiss

July meeting July 6 at the Kingsland library meeting room 10:00

Our next meeting is at the Kingsland library meeting room at 10:00. We are going to do something a little different for our presentation time by having an open forum question and answer session. What that means is that everyone attending can ask questions for whom ever is present that can answer or help like Metal Detecting techniques, gold prospecting questions, places to go.  Any thing associated with what we do. Then of course we will have our raffle. And, if you have anything you would like to donate please bring it. Hope to see you there in the air conditioning.

Remember outing tomorrow June 22

Remember the club outing tomorrow at the Burnet rodeo grounds behind the Burnet county air port in Burnet at 8:00. With the needed rain in the area it should be easy digging. Last time it was detected there was targets that could not be dug so we know there are good targets there for the detecting. Tom will be there to show anyone the ropes of the grounds. Good luck. 

Upcoming Meeting July 6, 2024

Hello all, hope you are staying cool and hydrated. Our next meeting is July 6 at 10:00 at the Kingsland Library meeting room.
We will have our own Tom Ashworth going over beach metal detecting. How to set up your detector for saltwater, and, freshwater if you ask. All detectors need adjusting to work in the saltwater environment. Where to most look on a beach? In the water? Where people park? Where they sit off the water and at the water edge? After storms where is the best place(s) to look?  There is a lot to know to save time and energy while enjoying detecting on the beach. Invite you family and friends to the meeting.

Remember we are always looking for prizes for our raffle.

The Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs Treasure show is June 29-30 in HEARNE Texas, by Brian/College Station. Once again in HEARNE Texas at the community center.

Also next Saturday the 22ed the metal detecting outing is at the Burnet county rodeo grounds behind the Burnet County Air Port at 8:00 am. 

June meeting minutes


June 1, 2024 Minutes

11 present

President opened with welcoming to all.

Last minutes approved by motion made by Betty Goolsby and 2nd by Gary Bunyard

Treasury Report given by Gary Goolsby and approved by motion made by Tom Ashworth and 2nd by Gary B.

$1594.37 in our checking account including $694.84 set back for raffles.

Some discussion on possibility of buying some items for raffles but at the moment we still have plenty of donated items coming in. If you have items to donate for the raffle, please feel free to do so. Remember all bought raffle tickets go into jug for the big December drawing.

Interesting items found by Gary B. and Tom A., were displayed from the last outing.

New Business: June 22 at 8:00am will be our next outing at the Burnet Rodeo Grounds.  TAMDC Treasure show will be at Hearne, Tx., June 29-30. Information found at TAMDC website. Deadline for metal detecting entry forms approaching soon.

We can always use info for some hunt locations. If anyone knows of a good location for the club to hunt, please let us know and liability forms are available if needed.

Our next club meeting will be at the Kingsland Library as usual, 10:00 am July 6th.

Tom spoke on metal detectors and how to discern what type one may need, taking account of personal budget and environment for detecting. Consider what type of hunting you want to do, be it coins, relics or underwater detecting. Different metal detectors have different frequencies. Different coils are also available for different type hunting and ground balancing is an important factor in any type of metal detectors. New info always coming out, do your research, good used metal detectors can be found and work well too. Earl reminded us that one can always repeat the same area, because there is always something that is missed. Discrimination, coil size, and learning the sounds of your particular detector is important. So get your detectors going and find your “treasures!”.

Several raffles done, prizes awarded and meeting adjourned at 11:15.

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Theiss