Tom Ashworth’s YouTube videos

I hope that you have been following Tom Ashworth’s Prospectors Cache YouTube video channel for some really good instructional video’s on metal detectors and detecting. He has put out quite a few and also his old website that you can get the address from on the YouTube videos also is full of information. It’s FREE so take advantage of it. He will also have a table at the Texas Treasure Show coming up.

Remember, no meeting this Saturday

Please remember we do not have a meeting this Saturday March the second (2). The room is being used for voting and we, the Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club, will have a booth at the Texas Treasure Show March 23-24 in Llano in place of the meeting. If you have not heard of the show go to for more details. If you can help in the clubs booth please let us know. The will be a coin hunt Sunday morning  on the 24. If you have never done that at the web site you can sign up if there is any slots left and get in on that.
With the weather warming up unusually warm for this time of year we can get out and start detecting. Please watch out for the critters that also are going to be coming out of hibernating hungry and looking in the same spots you might be looking in.

Reminder about NO meeting in March

Please remember that we will NOT have a March 2 meeting. Voting machines will be set up then for the election. Which brings up please vote.
We WILL be having our booth at the Texas Treasure Show in Llano March 23-24. Please come out and join us in the booth or if you don’t have time to do that at least come out to the show and see all the booths that are there. If you are going to come out to join us in “your”, the club, booth you might want to bring your own chair. You can go to to see the flyer on the show and if you want to get in on the coin hunt Sunday morning he application is there. Any questions please email or call me at 325-423-0497



you can also see the meeting on our website, or, Tom Ashworth’s YouTube channel Prospectors Cache  




20 present

Last meeting minutes approved with a motion made by Karen and 2nd by Tom. Motion carried. Minutes are on website for review.

Treasury Report: $1113.58 in bank with $218.90 from raffles. $25.00 paid for meeting room. Several membership dues collected. Some t-shirts picked up and some are still available.

Reminder of the “Best Little Treasure Show in Texas” to be held at the Kuykendal Center in Llano on March 23 -24. We will have booth consisting of 2 tables, some have signed up to work our booth at different times. Thanks to all who are volunteering and all who show up and represent our club. We will have raffles on Sunday, thank you to all who are donating items and to all who may purchase raffle tickets. If you want to participate in the coin shoot, be sure to sign up online at Our club raffle will be on Sunday after the coin shoot.This event will be considered our March meeting and raffle.

We are still discussing possible speakers for our April meeting. Possibly Gypsy Jewel, but her fuel, accommodations and food will have to be considered, Local speaker & author, W. C. Jameson, or possibly the speakers on the England Metal Detecting Event. Any of those would be very interesting to hear.

Thank you to Tom Ashworth for his continuation speaking on workings of metal detectors, hitting targets, ground balancing, noise cancellation, sensitivity, how to read the screen and discrimination. He is very knowledgeable on all these subjects and hopefully the info. has been very helpful.

February raffle completed, remember your raffle tickets will be saved for our big December raffle. Thank you again for purchasing tickets.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Club Secretary

Peggy Theiss



Meeting February 3, 10:00 am Kingsland library

Meeting February 3, 10:00 am Kingsland library

Don’t forget your metal detector club meeting this Saturday February 3 at 10:00 at the Kingsland library in the big room. We will have meeting talking about our booth at the March Treasure Show in Llano followed by the rest of the story given by Tom Ashworth on how to set up a metal detector in reference to soil type and items to be found. After his talk is the raffle with a real silver coin and tune and test sticks for your metal detector in the raffle to boot. Then, we will be having a club outing at the John Kuykendall Center in Llano at 1:00 to try out everything Tom has gone over in his two presentations.